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Dec. 28th, 2006 @ 09:50 pm
i hope bridget
reads this
tells mum im sorry i havnt called but i have bad reception
tells her ive left a blog on myspace and shows it to her to read
and calms her down from any frenzy of worry she might be in
and that id have sent an email if i knew any ones email address

Sep. 3rd, 2006 @ 06:06 pm
i made anna a birthday cake
it said "cunt" in pink icing

How to kill one's voice: Jun. 15th, 2006 @ 06:54 pm
Put on Seb's leather Jacket.
Talk in "the man voice all night" saying "I'm a heaps big stud", "I'm wearing a leather jacket" and "would you like to suck my big penis?"
Incorporate into any conversation ALL NIGHT that you have a heaps big penis.

Jun. 4th, 2006 @ 10:05 am
Ever realise you're a massive dork?

Mum Jokes May. 1st, 2006 @ 03:42 pm
It is the age of Mum jokes.
Bad ones.
Really bad ones.
Like adding "Ya Mum" in front of any sentence.

Trevor said "Oh wow. I haven't heard a Mum joke since high school."
Poor Trev was yet to learn that all of us (except Tim) are high school students
and that the Mum jokes wouldn't end all weekend.
Current Mood: immature
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» (No Subject)
All i could think about all day was raptors
» What's with this going to school bullshit?
Debreifing re. school:

P.C teacher = mr aldous, awful nasty man. i spent almost all of yr 8 maths kicked out of his class.

Mr Evans (senior co-ordinator) = total utter poo face 1) keeps hanging around trying to be funny 2) asked me and sar "have you two decided which one of you is going to get dux of yr 12?" 3) wouldn't talk to me about changing subjects untill i took a src form 4) keeps talking to every one about getting into uni even though not every one wants to go 5) made me do up my top button even though i look totally respectable with out it. FUCKER!

I've got to memorise valencies. fucking VALENCIES!
» (No Subject)
The bdo was spunking terrific. highlights include:

shoe sex with seb

what grace called "eye sex" with magic dirts guitarist. much thrusting involved

gerling playing who's you daddy and inflatable balls and guys dressed up and off their faces

Super great bands

grabbing the arse of a guy in the boiler room wearing only hot pink speedos

anna wearing a pink g-string on her head for the entirity of iggy and the stooges set and then taking photos of people wearing it on the train

our train friend's term for fart "punching humfrey"

ben's driving on the way back from broadmedow station - the wrong side of the road is way funner

doing old man/barn yard/hyperactive stupidhead dancing to mudvayne

anna being a huge walking magnet for horny drunk old guys
» (No Subject)
You Are a Powdered Devil's Food Donut

A total sweetheart on the outside, you love to fool people with your innocent image.
On the inside you're a little darker, richer, and more complex.
You're a hedonist who demands more than one pleasure at a time.
Decadent and daring, you test the limits of human indulgence.

» (No Subject)
Ross Noble's back tomorrow. But apparently we're going camping tomorrow. I'm trying out this whole new go with the flow on camping trips AND NOT control everything.
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